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Go to the Park!

Posted Sep 12 2012 3:59pm

Danny’s language has truly been expanding lately. Much of it very few people would understand, mind you, but it is there and he is using it! He does a lot of echoing when he isn’t sure how to respond, but he is tossing in more and more of his own thoughts too instead of the one word answers he used to give.

For example, this morning I asked him if he wanted to go to the park. 6 months ago, the best I could hope for was “Yeah! Park!” Now?

“No park…” (think, think, think) “Yeah! Park! Let’s go to the park! Yeah! Go play at the park! Go to the park playground!”

A veritable speech! All while bouncing around waiting for me to get my shoes on and unlock the door to the garage. A few more “Yeah! Go play at the park!” announcements were made while we loaded up, and away we went.

Awesome! A nice morning out! We were set to meet up with my moms club too, who I haven’t seen in about a month due to various visits, illnesses, etc. I was so psyched!

Until, after about 20 minutes, Danny came up with another of his speeches…

“Yeah! Go home! Get in the car, go home!”

Well, ok then… So much for that.

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