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Go Away Air Conditioners!!

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
So, it's Day one with being a bilateral Cyborg. I've been exposing myself to sounds a little bit TOO much, but that's okay!

I've been listening to Wizard's First Rule. This time using just the right. Just certain sounds are a little weird. To me, it sounds like 3 or 4 weeks post activation day for my left. So, I'm actually VERY surprised on how well I'm able to hear much better. I have tried doing just the right for a few hours, which was requested by my audiologist to allow my right to be sure to get exposure so the left is not "taking over". Which actually turns out to be a bit opposite. Then, I would try just the left. Then both. Nope, can't rely on just one. Two works great together! Although, I only have ADRO speech strategies for the right, nothing else except ability to increase the DR gradually.
When I got activated yesterday, I looked at my interpreter, and said, "I hate the shhh sounds that comes in the background with the CI." She looked at me and said, "Are you forgetting?! You're hearing the A.C.! You said the exact same thing last time!" Whoops.

I live in an apartment that has forced air. So, when the temperature rises above our desired temp, it goes on. Well, what do you know? It comes on every 10 mins, then off for a few mins, then on, then off, then on, off, onoffonoff! C'mon! It's seriously driving me a little insane. So, what I do, I just raise the desired temp, and wait until Roy is ready to come home, then I just jack it down to allow the AC on.

This time, my right processor does NOT fall off, even with the shorter earhook. This time, I do not have any itchiness, which drove me really crazy!

Lesson learned today : Do not allow the two magnets attach together while the CI is turned on. It makes BOTH turn off, with H6 in the LED. For the life of me, I cannot find info on H6 in any of the books that I had...I assume that it has to do with reaction of another CI. It's not really a huge deal, I just click on the program button once, and it goes back like it was before. I nearly freaked, and thought it meant that I wiped my map or programs. *whew* For non-Freedom users: The LED tells you if there's anything needed to be done. H1 - Battery's Dead, H2 - Low Battery, H3 - Coil error, H4 - Audio error, H5 - Program corrupted (basically means Blue Screen of Death). There's no H6 in my little booklet of info, maybe it's only specifically made for bilaterals.
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