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Gluten on the Brain.

Posted Aug 25 2008 2:51pm
In the last post I said “I’ve read about children with autism who seem to show food addictions to the very foods their bodies are unable to properly digest.” I wasn’t clear about the how and why of this until I started reading one of my new books.

I’m reading a passage of text about dietary treatment for autism that says: “Some people with autism may metabolize gluten and casein (the protein found in milk) into the form of an opiate-much like heroin. Basically, when they eat gluten and casein, they’re getting a high off it-and they’re becoming addicted.”

I’m also reading that celiac disease and gluten sensitivity are often misdiagnosed as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and CFS or fibromyalgia as well as migraines. The women in my family have IBS and migraines, so this really caught my attention. I read that acid reflux is a very common symptom of gluten sensitivity. Ethan has had acid reflux since infancy but we’ve never known why. Why didn't his GI specialist order labs to get to the bottom of it? Especially given the severity of the side affects, like the 12 times I've witnessed him cease to breath for upwards of a minute? He turned grey and his lips were blue each time. I think that warrants a little more than throwing a ppi drug at the problem and saying see ya next year. Why am I researching and ordering the labs? That baffles me since we know for sure that changing our diets can reverse so many digestive complaints.

We are going to have to delay our foray into the GF diet for Ethan since conventional wisdom concludes that lab work on the gut should be done during a “natural state”. In the meantime, I’m readying myself by reading about ingredients to avoid and new items to purchase. Most of this stuff isn’t cheap or easily available in our area. However, since we’re in Columbus once a week for Ethan’s speech I can just find a good place to shop and make it part of our weekly trip.

While I’m on a food kick, I’m happy to report that Ethan likes the blueberry oat bars I made yesterday with a cup of pureed spinach snuck into the filling. That Deceptively Delicious cookbook was worth every penny. He also loves the banana bread with the pureed cauliflower. If you’ve got finicky eaters who don’t like their veggies, I highly recommend this book. I can’t even taste the veggies in these recipes.
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