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Posted Sep 18 2009 3:16pm
Summer over, can you believe that! Already I am now back at University. I have just started my first week of my 2nd year degree with new modules, lectures and of course new class group/new faces.
I do have to say, before I had my implant when I was at college I used to find it very hard to make friends with hearing peers. I didn't have much confidents to communicate with them and refused to use my voice. So, I spent alot of my college life with deaf peers but did hang around with hearing while I were playing it the college football team.

Since I had my implant and moved to higher education at university, my confidents got better. I was able to make friends easier, and now I have the confident to hang out with hearing peers and use my voices all the time. I do go out alot more now. Since then I don't spend much time with deaf peers now though I do go to the deaf club now and again, but not as much as I used to.

After a year successful, I am so pleased I went ahead with going for a cochlear implant. Now I am busy with university I'll do my best to try and update this blogs as much as I can and also to try and help others that went through the same boat as me!
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