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Friday 22nd August - my birthday!

Posted Nov 16 2009 10:01pm
I didn't eat anything at all yesterday, didn't fancy anything. I ate a few bites of cucumber from my sandwich as it had lots of moisture.. My mum ate my dinner for me! I got woken up today by the catering lady at 7:30am for breakfast and I'd ordered a croissant, yoghurt and special k cereal so this is what was put in front of me. I only ate the yoghurt and drank the orange juice. I wanted the croissant but couldn't face chewing it! Mr Gray came in about 8:30am and removed my bandage. This didn't hurt at all, I expected it to. He was very happy with the wound and said that the operation had gone very well, it was just under 2 hours long. He managed to get all the electrodes in and all the way into the cochlear so that's great. My hair was all over the place and had dried blood in it so I was not looking good! He also took off more hair than I was expecting him to but 'ce la vie'... I couldn't face brushing the tangled mess and I was still suffering from dizziness so I left it and walked out of the Nuffield with my mum and boyfriend - still wearing my pyjamas - at 10:50am. I made Anthony drive like an old woman on the way home as I was still trying to gain complete control of my stomach! I turned 23 today but didn't feel like celebrating it. I share my birthday with my younger brother who's 4 years younger than me and this evening he had friends round in the garden and they were drinking and having a good time. Unfortunately I couldn't join them! I'm staying at my parents for a few days as my mum wants to look after me which is nice. I've got purified water with a straw and anything I want at the drop of a hat! :o) Still not eating much and my tongue is numb all down the right side but I'd rather have this than a dropped face or one of the other possible side effects! I'm very lucky really..
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