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Posted Aug 26 2008 11:40pm
I have blog addiction, I'm becoming addicted to my own blog. I did not post yesterday because I had dinner for 16 at my house last night to celebrate my thoroughly lived 36 years and was too exhausted-in-a-good-way to write. Thank goodness the company was great and my hubbie got a cake( una meringata, the best) from GIANNINI, because I am a REALLY BAD cook. Although, the important thing was that there was plenty of MORELLINO DI SCANSANO and my American friend Rhonda made a mean batch of cocktails. She is the only one I know who manages to find cranberry juice in this country, I have yet to discover her secret. The kids were quaranteened upstairs and played videogames for like four hours, I'm such a bad mother, but the adults were left in peace to eat, drink and be goofy. A fun time was had by all...

Now to the Video du jour. I received this informative testimonial-type video on bilateral implants about five days ago. Bethany, who I don't know, gives an honest account of her experience with bilateral implants. More and more families are choosing to simultaneously bilaterally implant their babies with a profound hearing loss, while others who have only one implant are beginning to consider going for the second one. Jordan only has one and I think I've only recently managed to recover from the whole ordeal that began three years ago. It is not an easy decision to opt for the first implant, the second should be a no-brainer based on how well the first works, but I am just not ready to go through the mental anguish of a surgery again. Bethany explains her experience in a language that teenagers and parents considering bilateral implantation for their children will find helpful and...inspirational.
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