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Food over New Year’s

Posted Feb 04 2013 4:02pm

When it comes to the festive period, food is definitely a huge focus. The turkey, the goose, all the trimmings, mince pies, sausage rolls, christmas puddings... The list goes on and on. Once the day is over though, food seems to drop off of the radar, which is odd seeing as this is the time of year that will traditionally stir memories of over indulgence and cries of dismay from dieters when January rolls around. Yet no one ever thinks of what they eat on New Year’s Eve. For many, it’s just a chance to get something to soak up all the alcohol, before they meet their stunning Wigan escorts and head out for the night. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with that, a good New Year’s meal can set a great evening.

It can form the basis of celebration: a delicious dinner before heading out to party all the night away. In this case, it’s important to balance the jubilant atmosphere with good sense and stay away from anything too rich. That triple maple, pecan and almond cheesecake may be dripping with yummy goodness, but is it going to look so good regurgitated and splattered over the floor? To prevent unnecessary queasiness and keep it all down, revellers should look towards something relatively simple and fresh. A salad might seem rather boring to many but, when properly dressed and balanced it’s one of the great culinary delights. Something suitably special would be fried chorizo and toasted hazlenuts, on a bed of rocket, dressed with Damson Vinegar and the juices from the meat. It’s suitably filling and substantial without being bloating or too fat filled.  That’s good news for those that intend to drink a lot of lager or have plans with a pair of nice escorts in Wigan: no one wants to sport a bloated beer belly when out with lovely ladies.

Once out, many can look forward to a greasy kebab, cheesy chips and some interesting bar snacks. All those things will somehow seem delicious at the time, and that’s all part of the strange ritual of getting drunk. This isn’t an excuse to eat poorly on the day itself though. Comfort food and simplicity are key, but leftover scraps of grey, suspicious meat in cold hard pitta is strictly off limits, less the contents of the previous night are  tempted to rise once more. Buying a good glazed ham a day or two before will mean that the awkward trip to the shops, in the bright air that stings eyes, won’t be necessary. Knocked down with some oven chips and a pair of fried eggs, this is a proper robust meal to kill off that hangover. Those entertaining escorts in Wigan will probably want to go for something a little more classy. A full, fresh piece of chicken will be perfect: suitably elegant and restrained, but no boring and still substantial enough to fight off the throbbing headache.



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