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Followup Opinion - Rexton Cobalts

Posted May 14 2009 4:21pm
So I've worn my new hearing aids a few full days now. They are nice, but they definitely need a re-tuning badly. I am going back in a week from today.

Biggest complaints so far:
-Music sounds like total crap while I'm driving. Maybe it's all the compression, but it just sounds like it runs through a tiny AM radio first and then through my speakers. The "Music" program makes things sound better, but road noise is unbearable. I didn't really have this problem with my old ears, but then my gain wasn't as high.
-Voices also tend to sound really distorted in loud environments--again I think this is the huge amount of compression we put on. I want clear sound in all environments, but I want my aids to supress sounds that are too loud.
-The remote is very nice, if not a tad heavy. Funny, people wants phones heavy like the iphone because that makes them feel "substantial". This remote definitely doesn't fall into that category--I want it LIGHT.
-Of course, we need to configure bluetooth and direct audio still.

High points:
-These things are tiny. My right ear canal is having a little soreness, but then this happened with every new set of aids I have ever had. I think my canals just need to acclimate.
-The compression does a far job at supressing loud, sharp sounds like something falling on the floor (or me coughing, hah)

I can't wait to get them retuned. I have high hopes for them, and they seem to be up to the challenge.
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