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Float 4 Life - Lily's Swimming Adventure

Posted Aug 10 2009 12:19am

Lily's been taking a Float 4 Life class.  I'd call it boot-camp swimming lessons (15 mins each day with a one-on-one teacher) where the goal is to teach babies and toddlers to float.   See this YouTube Video of the program. 

Lily is in the toddler or "little girl" program, as she prefers to be called.   Last week she learned to come up from under the water, turn over and float on her back.  This week she will learn how to turn back over on her tummy from the back float and then swim to the edge and climb out. 

It will be a truly amazing and life saving accomplishment if this works.  It's a little intense, with a few tears, but by the end of the week, she'll be able to save herself from drowning.  

During the session, I am supposed to hide.  So the picture is just to give you a flavor of swimming.  Lily is behind the basketball hoop with her teacher. 

As for her CIs, we've been taking them off right before she goes in the water and putting them on immediately after getting out of the water.  The teacher says most of the learning is non-verbal anyway.  The teacher does lots of smiling and clapping and said Lily responds with a "Yeah!"


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