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First day in Munich, Germany

Posted Aug 05 2013 9:35am

I found this old morbid relic which is Saint Munditia.  She is venerated as a Christian martyr. Her relics are found in a side altar at St. Peter's Church (known as "Old Peter," Alter Peter) in Munich.It consists of a gilt-covered and gem-studded skeleton, located in a glass case, with false eyes in her skull, which is wrapped in netting. Jewels cover the mouth of the relic's rotten teeth. Her relics were moved to Munich from Rome in 1675 from the catacombs of Cyriaca. They were transferred to her Baroque Era-shrine was built on September 5, 1677.

The Roman document of authenticity states that she was "beheaded with a hatchet", describing the manner of her martyrdom. There is also documentation referring to the fact that she was martyred during the consulate of Andronicus and Probus, thus making her date of death 310 AD.

In 1804, her relics were concealed behind a wooden shrine, but this was removed in 1883, restoring interest in her cult. Her feast day is now celebrated annually with a High Mass and a procession with candles.

So there you go - a centuries old skeleton encrusted with jewels.

The church was built in Italian high-Baroque style, inspired by Sant'Andrea della Valle in Rome, designed by the Italian architect Agostino Barelli. His successor, Enrico Zuccalli, added two 66 meters high towers, originally not planned, and then finished the 71 meters high dome in 1690. The church is 72 meters long and 15.5 meters wide. The facade in Rococo style was completed only in 1768 by François de Cuvilliés. Its Mediterranean appearance and yellow coloring became a well known symbol for the city and had much influence on Southern German Baroque architecture.

This church had me in absolute awe. The marble was carved in incredible detail, all white, and the light was amazing.  Michele was in awe too - so much so she couldn't stop staring  upwards and promptly fell over. I missed the spectacle but was so glad to be in such good company - someone that falls as much as I do! Though she hurt her knee even more unfortunately!


Here you see them all lined up for a turn.

Back on the street we came across the The Bavarian State Library. which is the state library of the Free State of Bavaria and one of Europe's most important universal libraries. With its collections currently comprising around 9.81 million books, it ranks among the best research libraries worldwide. Moreover, its historical stock encompasses one of the most important manuscript collections of the world, the largest collection of incunabula worldwide, as well as numerous further important special collections. It is also in possession of stolen manuscripts from WWII.

Outside the library are statues of Thukydides, Homer and Hippocrates. I'm actually kicking myself for not going into the building as the architecture inside looks amazing.

 Further down the road I found this lovely statue outside a cafe...

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