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Posted Mar 07 2009 2:57pm
About time that this little cyborg gets her ass moving and type up info in her blog.

Blackjack has peacefully gone over the Rainbow Bridge. Roy and I have cried for days prior, but we both felt peace the days after. Hobbes have consoled us as he was to his usual funny self. Then Roy said to me that I didn't think he would say so soon afterwards...."Can we get a dog?" We actually have been planning on getting a dog after we got Blackjack, but because Blackjack has become a bit of an expensive cat, he decided to put it on hold. Thus..this became our long journey. We do not have a dog yet, but we've been looking hard. Las Vegas has a lot of shelters, and more than half of the dogs we saw were Pit Bulls. I know from experience that Pits can be WONDERFUL dogs, but they may view the cats as prey AND we have no experience with Pits. Pits are much better in a home that is experienced with the breed. On top of that, Roy wants to get more cats. He feels bad for the much older cats that sits there and try to be cute as a kitten, and knowing they may never get adopted. So...first the dog, then more cats. Oy vey! It's already becoming an animal house.

I finally got a new MAP and it's about time too because everything sounded a bit muddy and not clear. I went through the beeping test. I didn't have the HINT or anything done (I should have asked, but maybe next time). My audiologist found that I'm highly sensitive to the higher frequencies, so she did another beep test of whether it's too loud or too soft for each electrode...which was a feat. As soon as she hit one of the higher frequencies, it was LOUD! She has lowered everything, and increased the low frequencies. She has done this for both ears and increased the DR in my right from 30 to 34 (I think?). The right ear at the moment sound a little loud, but I knew over time that I would get used to it. I'm finding it inspirational that every time (yes EVERY TIME), that I can hear a word without looking at TV or person, or radio. Since the new MAP, I've been hearing clearly in full sentences, so that's just so wonderful. I even have been using my headset for my XBox 360 to hear the other players...and I catch a few words here and there, even swear words. If I'm laughing, I hear, "Why are you laughing at me??" I had to say, "Oh nothing, my cat did something funny."...little did they know that they have a deafie on the other end that's just thrilled to death at what she can hear.

I'm enjoying my new MAP, but I already feel the left one is a little too quiet. Could have adjusted to it that fast?! AC doesn't bother me as much anymore (yes, AC at's in the 70's now, so it's getting warm!), higher pitch voices doesn't bother me. I can hear music much better especially the singers from American Idol...damn they're picking terrible songs!

I'm happy to hear that Abbie is going bilateral on's about time!

Even though I have all the postive things about my CI and stuff, I still have a small issue. Depending on the day, my magnet hurts my skin at times, and sometimes I have to adjust it. In the mornings, it is fine, but then as it goes through to the afternoon, or so, it's too strong that I have to adjust it. It can be a bit annoying at times. I don't know why suddenly I'm having a bit of an issue with the magnets. I *think* it's because I am a side sleeper, so when I sleep, I have to take off my CI, but my implant area is right on the spot that I'm sleeping on, so it's probably getting irritated. Maybe I should bring a softer pillow in the living room. I didn't have an issue with this before!

I've been itching to go to the Cochlear Corp Expo in California, but it's just the wrong time for me, and I would hate to go by myself. They said the next time it will happen in the West is in 2012. I can always go East next year if I want to.

However, they're having a special Cochlear gathering in April in Las Vegas, so I definitely will go there. I'm one of the few bilateral adults here. Maybe I can rub some shoulders with them and see if I can be a Speaker on bilaterals at the next Cochlear's Celebration.

Hope everyone is doing well....and hope my next entry will be on my new dog!
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