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Eye Health for the 21st Century

Posted Dec 16 2010 10:00am
It seems like everywhere we go, we're staring at screens... from work, to home, to mobile devices and even computer screens in the checkout lane at the grocery store. Our eyes are constantly taking in lots of information, and not all of it is presented in a way that's healthy for our vision. For deaf people, vision can be very important. I know it is to me.
This article from Mashable has some good tips for eye health in the digital age. Lighting, screen adjustments, your position while you read and even text size can make a difference when it comes to the strain on your eyes. I know I definitely don't take as many breaks from staring at the screen as I should, plus I read constantly and you can't adjust text size on a book.

Do you find your eyes are straining more often lately? Or, do you have any good tips for keeping eyes healthy nowadays?
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