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Exciting New Sounds...

Posted Mar 26 2010 1:49pm
So much has been going on the past two weeks. I became the HLAA Newsletter Editor for my local chapter. I love this responsibility and now that I have all this time its done faster. I am so honored that I was asked! My goal is to get more young adults to join this group. Nothing is easy these days. I told the chapter we have to advertise and get the word out in order for people to come. So I have been doing endless fliers with a girlfriend of mine and just posting everywhere!!!! I am starting speech therapy finally in about one week. They will be teaching me all over again to lip read because I have been losing those skills. I found out its common when you hearing goes that you loose speech reconition. With the aids I dont hear everything I hear most things but everyday there is a new sound for me. Everyone thinks just because I have these aids in I can hear perfectly. I CANT. I wish that was possible ( dont we all) but its not. These hearing aids give me less stress I have noticed. Someone tried to whisper to me the other day and I still cant get that yet. Whispering isnt an option for me right now. Yesterday as I was waiting to go get blood work done I was outside waiting for my ride. It was early morning ( WHICH im never upat 10am) and I heard birds it almost sounded like they were singing. It was so pretty. I was looking everywhere for the birds in the sky or the trees and I couldnt figure out where they were coming from. I never heard birds before. That was a nice experience. One day what I want to try is leave bird seeds outside and hoping maybe I can hear them eat! That would be cool. I am excited to renew the ZOO and Aquarium membership for the summer. We will be taking my neice once she gets a little older. I am excited to hear different sounds at both places. I am looking forward to this will be exciting new sounds for me. What I really want to hear is that beautiful waterfall thats in the aquarium! Hearing new things for the first time is very exciting.

My niece is 5 months! She is getting very big. She just smiles the moment she wakes up and the moment she takes her naps. She is precious. She is lots of work too but its all worth it. She loves to EAT EAT EAT! LOL. She saids MMMM.... I love it! I was told she said MA for " MA MA" the other day but I wasnt around to hear that. She always wants to talk she babbles and babbles. That is another great experience hearing my FIRST NIECE with these aids. I never heard a baby before.

Tonight I am going to my Favorite Concert my favorite band is playing tonight at the local coliseum. I have seen them live 4 times and backstage but for some reason I can never meet them. There a big band but the places where they hold the concerts arent such big places. They are very small. So last night my sisters took me to the hotel they were staying out. I saw the tour bus but im not so sure if thats there bus because 2 other groups are playing tonight. So of course I took a picture of the bus anyways.. We waited hoping they would come out for a smoke or something. NO LUCK!
Everywhere they go they take pictures with fans etc. They are very easy going people... turns out they went to Hoolihans to eat and took lots of pictures with FANS! ERGH. So mad. I found out through Facebook that they were at the hotel because the band posted the info on there SO OF COURSE I RACED THERE LIKE A LUNATIC! I cant wait for tonights concert. My ears are going to be like dying tonight but its worth it. Plus its there new album I will be able to HEAR*** a concert with aids on for the first time. So I stocked up on batteries because my luck everytime I go somewhere a battery dies! gr... Pictures to come!!!

Have a great night all!
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