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Eating issues and a deaf child

Posted by mamatweety4kids

My daughter is 3 years old and since she started eating even baby food I have had issues with her.  It is usually a fight to get her to eat.  We have periods of where she won't give me any problems.  Then she goes back to fighting me.  She was diagnosed with Connexin 26 at the age of 7 months.  I am just trying to figure out whether or not they could somehow be connected.
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I don't believe that there is a connect between eating and Connexin 26. Every child is different, some will eat anything while others may be a picky eater.  some even use this as a control issue, something for the child to have control over. You may want to check with your daughter's doctor to make sure that she is getting enough and whether there is a need to make any changes in her diet.

Deaf mother of a Deaf child

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