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EARS (started at ripe old age of 18 now 30)

Posted by NAK

I'll keep this as short as I can.

 At the ripe old age of 18 I came out of a night club with ringing in both ears, thought nothing of it, went to bed and in the morning woke up with drastically reduced hearing in right ear. Been the same for 12 years. Seen tonnes of ENT specialists who have come to the conclusion that nerve damage is the problem. Now solely rely on left ear.

Always very careful with ears in loud places nowadays and use ear plugs. Trouble is very sensitive to loud noise (bus going past, someone shouting, fire truck, etc). More recently pain has developed in both ears (last 2.5 weeks), only very temporary relief is by popping ears or pushing palms of hands to cover ears creating a suction effect (again temporary relief for a few seconds). To describe the pain it really hurts with noise and I can feel the pain in arms and sometimes in legs like its a nerve thing. also a bit of tinnitus in almost deaf right ear. I've also had hearing loss in both ears in hearing for 2.5 weeks.

I've been to a recognised Sydney ENT specialist and he's prescribed me with ear drop antibiotics and recommended yet another hearing test and an MRI scan (last one I had was in 2002 and that was all clear), happy to pay for this and locked in for next week but still keen to get some suggestions.

KEY POINTS-Ears cannot take loud noises, recent hearing drop and pain, feels better when ear popping.

Can anyone help or advise??

Thanks - Chris

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