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Does sleeping cause one's ears to feel blocked? If so what sleep positions can help you minimize the problem?

Posted by James Rogge

Eustachian  Tube Dysfunction was the diagnosis form an ENT. My left ear feels blocked and tight at various yimes of the day particularly after I arise in the morning.
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If you get an answer to this question please let me know because I do the same thing. I have been to two ent they say the tube is fine, but when I get up in the mornings my ear feels clogged. I have had a mri cat scan and both came out normal. Both ent's said my hearing was great and found no fluid in the ear. I went to allergist who said I had a very mild allergy to dust mite, and roach bugs. I am taking veramyst nose spray and sigulair.

A blocked ear is part of what I call the Meniere Spectrum Disorder. Other symptoms include fluctuant or distorted hearing, low tone hearing loss on audiograms, audiosensitivity, tinnitus, dizziness, positional vertigo, brain fog, etc. It is not due to a blocked Eustachian tube, in fact is more likely seen in cases of overly patent tube. In my opinion (which has not yet been addressed by ENT specialists) the basis of MSD is reduced inner ear pressure. When asleep, normal or high pressures are likely in the ear and head, but on rising the CSF pressure in the brain may be low for a while, and also the blood pressure (orthostatic hypotension). Either way, ear pressure will drop causing temporary endolymphatic hydrops, the physiological basis of  MSD, and hence dizziness, etc.

A G Gordon, B.Sc.

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