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Delayed Update

Posted Jan 11 2009 4:21pm
Due to an unforeseen stomach bug (I know, such a whiner) I've been delayed on a much needed update. First, let me whine! My glorious children, who've I've spent countless nights holding them up when they vomit, rubbing their hurting feet...countless boo boo kisses, and countless hospital stays...and so me back by turning against me. As I took many visits to bathroom yesterday to upchuck, these little guys would pick the lock, and stand there laughing and mocking and ridiculing me. Why me? yes those are worms they collected, which didn't help matters I assure you!
Now on to the important stuff. Gage's surgery will not be Monday. Instead we have to go Monday for allergy testing just to be on the safe side, before putting anymore devices in. His surgery in scheduled for Feb 2 for the other ear. I have to figure out how to get Brook to her appointment that morning (check up) she really needs to go for that, but will likely have to reschedule. Gage has a staph infection that caused all of his troubles and leading to the removal of his cochlear implant. I'm glad we moved forward with the removal now for sure knowing this dangerous infection was/is in his body. It was resistant to many antibiotics and we know what type he needs to be on to kill it, so we have begun those meds. Now, I must go for now, my princess is waking with a tummy ache she says...I vow not to ridicule, laugh or mock, but hold her hair during this time of sickness. I may be on blogcation for a few more days....
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