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Deja vu?

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
Well, I'm home from surgery! I see that people are quite surprised by this! I was thinking about it for a while after reading some stories with kids with bilaterals as well as adults. When I do have my CI on, I feel that I'm missing sounds on the right side, and it's just feels weird with only one CI. I did try my hearing aid on my right, but just sounded a bit too much or missing quite a lot of sounds. I have been successful with my left, so why not? :-) I'm not sure if it makes any difference, but I can hear a lot better from my right than my I may be able to have the balance that I need.

My left surgery was okay, but had a bit of a hard recovery. Just nausea, pain from the pressure of the bandages, and one very sore throat.

I was kind of nervous that I would go though the same issues and complain and complain. However, I explained to Dr. C that it took about 3 or 4 days for the sore throat to subside and told her about my woes with the tongue issues.

It was NOT the case today! My mom came with me this time. I finally had surgery at 2:30 (which I kind of expected because they really pushed to have surgery for me). Finished at around 7:30ish. I woke up, and I was just so surprised that I had NO sore throat and the bandages were perfect pressure, not tight like last time. I also put on my Transdermal Scope (for nausea) patch on last night, and my stomach is not giving me any issues.

Went into Recovery room, laid down for a while, maybe for abt 40 to an hour. Mom came by. I was alert and walking around without any problems. I felt GREAT! No sore throat, no funny feeling with my tongue. I put ice on my head right away instead of waiting a couple days. It could not have go any better than this.

Got home, ate my Marino Cherry Italian Ice. I'm all good!
Oh yeah, I got the SAME huge box of toys. Anyone need anything?! :-)

Mom went to Central Park (The hospital is right across from it), and 5th Ave. She has never been to Central Park, so she was really happy to get the chance to explore.

Activation day is July 14th. Wooot!

Pictures tomorrow, I promise.

PS - Burping hurts. :-D
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