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Dear Medical Professionals...

Posted Aug 24 2008 6:39pm
Placing your child in the hands of other people and having to trust these people with your child is the most difficult thing for a mother. When life requires that you ask for the help and support of persons outside of the family, you suddenly find yourself in an extremely vulnerable position. Finding professionals willing to offer all of their efforts and competencies, who moreover, demonstrate the ability to love your child in such a way as to contribute to his growth is...very rare.

This is the dedication in the Italian version of RALLY CAPS to all of the medical professionals and teachers who have helped us throughout our journey.

In all of the everyday shit you hear in the News about how Medicine has gone bad, malpractice this and I'm sueing that, we are a POSITIVE example of how the Italian National Healthcare System can be successful when all contributing aspects work together to provide a network of support for the family. How ironic that most people tend to complain when things go wrong and RARELY recognize when things go right. Our message is too important for too many people to stop now.

An anonymous mom sent me this in an email message:

I disagree completely with the don't blog, don't CI Circle comments. True this stuff can be all encompassing, but dearest Jodi, it is part of the journey. Going through this journey is what has given you that strength and self-belief and giving to others, helping others is part of what gives you your strength and belief in yourself right now. It is a big part of what makes you happy, I know that because that is me too! It is a part of our makeup, making a difference no matter how small, in the lives of others, is part of what drives us, part of what gives us satisfaction in ourselves and the people we are.

Thank you so much to everyone who left comments...every single comment touched me. It's incredible how help comes to you when you least expect it from people you only know virtually. This whole blogging thing is so powerful for me, I only hope that our story can provide a reference point for others who are at different points in the journey.

In regard to the personal, really personal stuff, I'm done sharing.

In regard to the rest...I'm only just getting started.
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