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Posted Aug 24 2008 6:39pm

Why was the news of Rachel Coleman's Emmy Nomination NOT considered important enough to be on the main Blogs page?

*Pissed off*

My blog has been posted on for the past six months and the ONE consistent message I continue receiving is TEACH YOUR KID ASL! Please explain why Rachel Coleman's (one of my favorite inspirational moms)EMMY NOMINATION was left on the Extras page???????????? She is bringing Signs to the mainstream population and single-handedly building bridges.

I would like to thank both the Steak and Shake Queen (we all know and love her as DEAFMOM Karen Putz) and Paotie (He is not merely a sex-crazed snow-boarder who likes big tits and blondes...he actually has a heart, as demonstrated by the sensitive tattoo on his ass cheek)for sharing the news.

This is my post from November 25th , check it out! Congratulations, Rachel...on an INCREDIBLE accomplishment that is so well-deserved...

And for those of you who missed Karen and Paotie's they are:

Karen Putz posted this on May 2nd...

Rachel Coleman of Signing Time Nominated for Emmy

"It's singing time and laughing time and playing time and now it is my favorite time, signing time!"

The first time I saw a tape of Signing Time , I couldn't get the lyrics out of my mind. I suspect that's one of the reasons that Signing Time has become successful in the mainstream. Little toddlers everywhere are listening to the songs, watching the videos and moving their hands to communicate.

Rachel Coleman, the mom behind Sign Language for Baby !,was recently nomimated for an Emmy. It's been an amazing trip for her, especially since the intitial production was a family affair with her sister and husband helping to create the videos.

I did an interview with Rachel several years ago when the Signing Time series of videos was beginning to take off:

Meet the Colemans : The Story Behind Signing Time

Congrats to Rachel-- all of her hard work has paid off!

Paotie posted this :

Posted by Paotie on 5/08/2008 - [ 11 Comments ]

Denver - An alert reader of Paotie’s Green Couch has sent in a report that a children’s American Sign Language educational program has been nominated for an award at this year’s 35th annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy awards show in Hollywood. Rachel Coleman, star of the popular show, Signing Time, was nominated as an “Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Series,” according to the web site.

Coleman, whose first daughter, Leah, was diagnosed as profoundly deaf at age 14-months, learned American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate with her daughter. Coleman would later decide to teach ASL to children and began producing Signing Time videos, which are available on CDs, DVDs, and through PBS stations.

A second child, Lucy, was born with cerebral palsy and a doctor warned Coleman that her child “was profoundly retarded and would never speak.” Then one day, Lucy signed the ASL word for more and “It was amazing that her first communication was in [ASL],” said Coleman. “Her next sign was ‘water,’ and though it wasn’t perfect, we knew what she wanted.”

Today, Lucy is in second grade, loves to sing and attends a mainstream school. Leah is now a fifth grader after skipping a grade, and recently won a spelling bee.

“If we had believed that doctor and not signed with her, she would have been locked in that body and not communicating. Now, she speaks beautifully.” - Rachel Coleman on Lucy

To read more about Rachel Coleman’s Emmy award nomination, her daughters and Signing Time, click here .
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