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Cyst op...

Posted Feb 23 2012 10:58am
Today I went to the local hopsital with mum to get my cyst removed from my eyelid. We got up at 7 even though the appointment wasnt til 10. i had a cup of tea when the ambulance came at 8 to take us there. I just  about finished my wheatbix!n We got there and we waited for about an hour before we got in. 
She put in a local in my eye lid which i got used to after the brow suspensions so it wasnt too bad! she removed the cyst and gave me 4 dissolveable stitches. Im to keep it clean and dry for 2 days.  My eye is blackening up a bit more now. Needsless to say my poor mum felt faint and had to be given an ice pack because she hates needles. This is why dad came with me for the brow suspensions!! But its all fine and another op done with. Just gotta chill out!
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