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Cool hearing aid designs

Posted Oct 30 2008 3:31pm 1 Comment

I didn’t know Bernafon make hearing aids, and how cool are these?!


For mild to severe ski-slope hearing loss. The SwissEar reminds me of a Swiss penknife. VERY trendy!

For mild/moderate hearing loss. When developing the Brite hearing aid system, the designers placed emphasis on a redefinition of how hearing aids are perceived in the general public. Thanks to modern styling and colouring, hearing aids can turn into fashionable companions, just as visual aids have already done. The functionality of this hearing aid system is supported by numerous options with respect to colours and surfaces so that the device can be adapted to different user preferences.

For mild to moderate, high frequency hearing loss. The Audéo Personal Communication Assistant from Phonak enhances clarity of speech in loud and noisy surroundings. Two microphones are located in the upper part of the housing, positioned in a horizontal plane next to the ear. A Fidelity Sound Port speaker generates sound in front of the eardrum and produces a clear acoustic signal without closing off the auditory canal. The Audéo is available in modern contemporary colours, which can be exchanged, according to the user’s wishes.

For mild to severe hearing loss. The Hansaton Free Soundmanager offers a new alternative to conventional hearing aid systems. With its innovative design and a small corpus (25 x 8 x 6.6mm), the system differs from existing hearing aids. The system is invisibly placed behind the ear, comfortable and easy in operation. The acoustic link to the ear is solved in a cosmetically inconspicuous way as well. Hansaton Free is also available in different colour versions. With its unique design, the hearing system turns into a lifestyle product, no longer perceived as a burden, but worn with pleasure.

For mild or high frequency hearing loss. The ReSoundAir an elegant appearance, is hardly visible and is understood as a fashionable accessory - just like a mobile phone fitting, a headset or an MP3 player. The ReSoundAir is suitable for young people with hearing problems. It is for people with minor or medium hearing impairments. The design does away with traditional ear fitting elements, without causing annoying feedback even at high amplification - the auditory canal is not blocked. A thin tube leads the amplified signals into the auditory canal, thus avoiding any occlusion effects, which would make the wearers own voice or chewing noises sound as if they had stuck their fingers in their ears whilst speaking or chewing.

At last, decent designs are starting to appear on the market. When are they going to start integrating hearing systems with phones and iPods?

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These are nice designs of hearing aids. Something new to the users and also something new in the options list. - hearing aids long beach ca
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