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Confusing Hearing Test No Longer So Confusing

Posted Mar 03 2010 7:09pm
Liam got to visit Dr. Peters today. (CJ did, too, but there isn't really any news there. Honestly, no news is many times good news, right?) We discussed his hearing test from Monday that left us a little baffled about the results.

Monday's bone conduction test showed that Liam might only have a mild/moderate hearing loss rather than a severe/profound loss. We weren't sure what to make of that then, but I feel better about it all now. Dr. Peters reminded me that children with Mondini issues (damage to the formation of the cochlea) may sometimes have hearing that ebbs and flows. In his opinion, it's not a question of if Liam will need a cochlear implant, but when. He is far more inclined to believe the three ABR's Liam has already had.

To be honest, I feel MUCH better about this than I thought I would. I think my heart already knew that Liam is Deaf, and my heart loves that. I love that he is precisely who a loving Father in Heaven meant for him to be. Rather than mourn Liam's and CJ's hearing loss, we'd already reframed so much of it in our minds and learned to embrace and build upon it.

So, we are waiting two weeks to see if his ear infection in his left ear will clear up and then we'll see Dr. Peters again. At that point, we can discuss where we go from here. So, I don't really have any big news. Like I said before though, sometimes no news is good news.
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