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Coffee cup thoughts

Posted Mar 13 2012 7:16am

Over my morning coffee, I thought about how much I am enjoying being able to hear now, even though some days I have to bite my tongue when it gets too loud. Last night I made a cup of tea in the kitchen and I could hear when the kettle boiled SSSSSSSSSSSSSS and it was ready to pour.  I listened to a sound PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP and I knew straightaway that the sound was water – at first I thought something was dripping but then it took me a second and I realised – aha! – it was my dog drinking from his water bowl.  I went up the stairs and I heard SW-SW-SW-SW-SW-SW-SW-SW-SW-SW-SW-SW-SW …. my dog padding behind me on the carpet.  It was amazing and reassuring to know that he was there, just by hearing him behind me. He disappeared from view and I could hear this skr-skr-skr-skr-skr-skr-skr-skr-skr-skr-SKR-SKR-SKR-SKR-SKR-SKR-SK-SK-SK-SK-SK-SKR-SKR-SKR-SKR-SKR-SKR-SKR-SKR-SKR sound, I was sure he was scratching himself and put my head around the door to check, and hey presto, I was right! I could also hear someone talking downstairs and wondered with a jolt if someone had walked in off the street, then I realised it was the TV chattering away – this surprised me as it was on so low that it was just audible.  All these little things made me smile.

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