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Cochlear Implants VS the Car Ride! And Rain Play!

Posted Oct 19 2009 10:02pm

So lately Gavin has been liking to chew on his implants while in the car. He chews the ear hooks and the battery holder inside the controller. So after multiple battery holders and ear hooks being chewed and broken. I decided I needed to get some creative ideas for the car rides. So I thought bring toys, coloring book with crayons, DVD portable player, food and books. This way Gavin would leave his implants alone for the ride cause he would be busy. If anyone has any other ideas? Please feel free to let me know.

Gavin has been saying:
Stop it!
Ew Dark! (It was Bedtime, so we were in Gavin's room, with no lights)
Where are you Daddy? Mommy? Scooby Doo?
ooooo OOO ooo Boo!
Treat or Trick (I'm getting him ready)
Here you go
Blow my istle! (whistle)
We been having lots of Halloween fun! Doing crafts,Reading Books,taking walks around to look at the decor outside, corn mazes and other fall community activities. Gavin and I are both enjoying it. Also it has been raining here! So what better way to learn about the rain, then to go out in it, with a friend.
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