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Cochlear implants change Ryan's life forever

Posted Mar 17 2011 5:57pm

When Leah's son Ryan failed his newborn hearing test, she was told it was probably nothing to worry about.
But when he was three weeks old, it was confirmed that he was profoundly deaf.

Leah admits she didn't know whether Ryan would ever hear. She said: "finding out so early was a shock, but it meant Ryan was getting help right from being a baby."

Ryan was given hearing aids at just three months, but they had no effect, so at 15 months he was given a cochlear implant. This was a success, and in January 2010 Ryan had a second one fitted.

Leah says: "It has changed his life because he can speak now.

"When he heard sound for the first time he was 15 months behind a hearing child, but he is catching up.

"Some people think he has been cured of his deafness, but he still suffers with problems with background noise."

Now aged four, Ryan is getting ready to start school in September. He will attend a primary school which has a special hearing impairment unit and a teacher of the deaf.

Leah adds: "Ryan is such a character. He is so funny and sociable, he seems to take everything in his stride."

Read the full story here.

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