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Cochlear implants - can they create headaches?

Posted by pianomama1

My 25 year old daughter got the Freedom after 16 years with the older models.  It worked well in terms of hearing but she began having headaches almost immediately when the implant was on. After a year and a half of testing, no solution has been presented except a neurologist's suggestion that she has migraines.  Since she had no problem with the Nuclueus 21, Spectra or Esprit, the problem does seem to be related to the implant.  The volume threshold has been turned down and the headaches have stopped but Meg's hearing has dropped significatly because of the lower volume.  Any ideas
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Yes, they can create headaces, worst part is after mapping their processor. I am deaf as well, I use cochlear implant, this is my 2nd cochlear implant I've had, I might possibly go into for 3rd surgery for different company. Cochlear implants will always create headaces because of so many sounds, meaning, the processor isn't right sound for her.

I'm only 18, soon to be 19 in few weeks, I've had the 2nd CI, they still don't work for me, its been almost 6 years already.

Also, its best to let a doctor know when mapping a processor. So they could adjust the sounding to be better, no headaces or physically pain [like me.]
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