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Cochlear Implant Mapping At BoysTown

Posted May 20 2009 1:20pm

Lily had her mapping appointment yesterday to adjust her computer program to make sure she was getting access to all sound frequencies. The map is remaining pretty consistent between visits which is good news. We have been going fairly regularly, first a mapping every month, then every three months. Now we're not due back for six months. The best news though is that she's consistently responding to speech sounds in the sound booth at 20 decibels and tones between 20 and 30dBs. 

To test the levels they pump either a voice or a specific frequency tone into the booth and watch to see if she responds by looking in the direction of the sound. When she responds the operator activates a visual stimulus to reinforce the action. In this case a dancing Minnie Mouse or Winnie The Pooh doll. Lily quickly mastered the game and by the end was saying "Minnie" or "Pooh" when she heard the tone in addition to turning to the sound. Our trip to DisneyWorld earlier this year is paying dividends.

Here's a pic of Lily and Mom in the booth taken on the closed circuit TV that allowed Dad to watch what was happening.


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