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Cochlear Implant is that possible if the nerve is damaged

Posted by prathvi

Cochlear Implant
it that possibke that i can hear again, i am 26 years old i had vertigo, but along with that i  have lost hearing to, i cont hear from the right hear, i need opinion,


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Have you gone to examine for your level of your deafness in your right ear by the audiologist. If you're not deaf since childhood then your chances of hearing loss might be less and you can hear well proper hearing aid which can be adviced by the audiologist.

Second thing You're having diziness due to of sound which you're getting by your either opposite side of ear. I would say that you avoid from being in high sound area and last thing if your internal nerve is damaged then i would not say to go for the costlier choclear implantation. Success rate is very far less after having that and all it depends on your internal ear functioning. So i better say have an opinion from audiologist and try to have hearing aid which will work for you.

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