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Closed Captioning your Videos

Posted Nov 18 2008 12:18am
Now I have to stand by Deaf Village w/the closed captioning of videos. I've always tried to caption mine and if I added any uncaptioned videos to my blog I always transcribed what was taking place. Sometimes there just wasn't enough to caption so I just wrote in what was said into my post. So if I or anyone decides to add a video to our posts who are subscribed to Deaf Village, I know that it won't be posted on the board w/out captions or transcription and I'm fine with that. I totally understand that it wouldn't be fair. I can't understand any ASL vlogs so I've been handicapped at reading and learning from their vlogs. Now, if they are on Deaf Village and want a video posted, they'll be required to caption, just like I was asked to from many readers at Deafread some time ago. So I personally applaud Deaf Village for making this a rule. Also there are other supporters as well, I read Jamie Berke this morning who was in favor too.
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