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Cleaning the Pond

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
On Saturday I went to my mom's house to take her three cats to the vet that I used to work with. I haven't seen one employee for 2 years, so it was really nice to see her. She was SO fascinated with my CI. I allowed her to feel my head and plop the magnet on. Of course, she didn't know that every time you take it off, I can't hear. So, it was "on, off, on, off, on, off". :-D

Mom and I went back to her house, and I helped her do the Spring Cleaning of her pond. This means basically we capture all the fish and frogs. Pump out the water, then really scrub hard on the walls of the pond. Took us a couple hours. Midway through, as I was reaching deeper in the pond, my batteries died. That sucked. I informed Mom that I've gone deaf again, so if she needs my attention she either would have to jump up and down, or just wave her stinky hands in my face. After a little while of going towards the bottom (I think its about 3 to 4 feet deep), I realized that I have put myself in a dangerous CI was slipping off. I quickly rose up and said to mom, "I think I better take off my CI." So, with stinky hands and wiping as much water off, I handed it over to Terry who was holding it like it was a fragile bird. It was kind of funny to see how he's holding it. For the next two hours, it felt pretty quiet!

After taking a shower (plus, I fell in a huge puddle of pond water when the water was being pumped out in the yard), I went to put the CI on, and told Mom that she can change the batteries. I think she had fun, and she accomplished one more thing in her life. "I changed the CI battery today." *roll eyes*

The other day, Roy was telling me that the neighbor is yelling again (jeez, he yells pretty often!). I tried to listen it, I boosted up my sensitivity. No avail, I couldn't hear it. Shucks. Next time.

My hands smells like stinky pond water. That's what you get for cleaning out a pond that hasn't been cleaned since November. Good thing I took off my ring or Roy will have a fit.
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