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CI moments on the streets...

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm

A year ago, I would have never hear an Ambulance or a Police siren until they're right close to me while I'm driving. Now, I can hear it coming from a mile away. I give myself a nice little chuckle when I hear them. Las Vegas is a busy city, so there's almost always sirens going off.

The interesting CI moments that I have had for months is hearing people argue at the bus stops. I would drive by a busy street for a couple miles to go to school, so naturally, there is quite a few bus stops. Almost every week, there was at least one argument going on. I would crack open the window, and I could hear them as clear as glass. Ironically, it's the swear words that I hear much clearer.

I have started to listen to Harry Potter: The Sorcerer's Stone audiobook. I love audiobooks, but I find that it's not exactly helpful because I can follow the words very clearly. It's without looking at the book was the issue. So, I knew I needed more practice with understanding words without visual clues, I thought why not at least try it through my car. I was actually pretty surprised on what I could hear. I'm not perfect and I don't hear every single word, but I can catch quite a bit. "Dumbledore" is a word I hear pretty often. Regardless of not having the book in front of me, I can at least have some sort of practice.

For my Speech class, I have to give a persuasive type of speech. So, I've decided to talk about NOT using Cellphones and iPods/Mp3s in classrooms or any type of settings. I just find it SO rude to see people texting on the phones or listening to music while the teacher is talking, another student is talking or even when you're having a converstation with a friend and the pager/phone goes off suddenly you're not important. 10 years ago we lived without cellphones and we can't? Please, you can turn OFF the phone and iPod for 4 hours. Nothing is more annoying than listening to the teacher and hearing the clicky clack of the cell phone keys...well, maybe except the A.C. coming on and off. :-)
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