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CI-activation log no. 3 – day 3 – 2nd auditory self assessment

Posted Sep 11 2009 10:14pm

Date of test: 09.09.2009 (1,5 and 6 kHz is the frequencies of my tinnitus, hard to hear the test-tone)

I’m only using wire connection now, in order to get the exact same test environments every time.

Since yesterday I have discovered new sounds: the wall clock (electronic with analog display), the phone ringing, keys jingling and the sound of the metal “mats” that are in front of doors in order to get rid of dirt underneath peoples shoes upon entering a building… The sound of women’s high heels are now so recognizable, I don’t even have to turn around to see what it is. I just steer to the wall and slow down to see if I was right :-)  

Bear in mind, that the sounds I’m talking about here isn’t the sounds I’m used to hearing, it’s totally different, but I have started to recognize the sound signatures. Progress!

Yesterday I talked to an audio pedagogue at the hospital, and she suggested several training methods. Will get back to them as I get to them myself. She also recommended something called AudioTrain developed by a Geoff Plant. It’s downloadable, and is supposed to be very good. It’s translated to several languages, among other in Norwegian, which I have found here (scroll down, almost at the bottom).

Today I’m thinking and acknowledging for myself that this CI-process is really going to take time. My faint hopes for something miraculous has been forgotten. Now it’s hard  work ahead of me. I don’t mind that :-)   Probably up to one year or perhaps even more. It’s an ambivalent thing; I notice progress, and I am thrilled, at the same time I’m impatient and can’t wait for that day that I can use the implant for conversations, even if it sounds strange…

One more thing: Before the implant, I was really tired from processing sounds all day. Now, with the implant, I’m also tired from trying to process sounds all day (I’m “cheating” a great deal by using lip reading and also my other hearing aid), but my brain feels different tired somehow. It’s as if my brain was muddy before the activation, and now it feels clearer or sharper…

I also feel I owe my readers a small apology; sorry for not putting much effort into the visual context on my blog posts these days, but it so important for me to get everything down as I go, and I really am stretched thin in terms of both time and strength. So you only get the hard boring numbers and biggest happenings and best CI-moments :-)

Today we only cranked up the sound, no adjustments to the frequencies. That is probably for the noon session today…

Program 1. (stronger low pitch, weaker high pitch, 120)

Freq.30 Hz45 Hz60 Hz90Hz125 Hz187 Hz250 Hz375 Hz500 Hz750 Hz1 kHz1,5kHz2 kHz3 kHz4 kHz6 kHz8 kHz12kHz16kHz

Program 2. (Flat profile, 16 electrodes)

Freq.30 Hz45 Hz60 Hz90Hz125 Hz187 Hz250 Hz375 Hz500 Hz750 Hz1 kHz1,5kHz2 kHz3 kHz4 kHz6 kHz8 kHz12kHz16kHz

Program 3. (Flat profile, 120)

Freq.30 Hz45 Hz60 Hz90Hz125 Hz187 Hz250 Hz375 Hz500 Hz750 Hz1 kHz1,5kHz2 kHz3 kHz4 kHz6 kHz8 kHz12kHz16kHz
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