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Chugga Chugga, Choo Choo!

Posted Oct 15 2009 10:04pm

Boys and trains. Trains and boys. They’re a perfect combination any way you put it – at least, to my son, they are. Eric loves trains, absolutely adores them. So when John heard about a place that gives train rides not too far from us, he knew it would be a hit. It took all summer for us to finally get out there, but it was worth the wait!

The engines were miniature, and real live steam. We hadn’t gotten out of the car when a whistle blew and Eric’s eyes lit up. Heck, we hadn’t gotten into the car when we told him we were going to ride trains and he became a bundle of excitement, so imagine how much it ratcheted up when that whistle blew and Eric gave a hearty, “CHOO CHOO!”

We got some suckers while we waited in line, which ensured that not only were the kids excited, they were also sugared up. Perfect. I thought Eric was going to explode. Danny wasn’t sure what to think at first; he had a blast climbing onto and off the seat while we waited to get going, since we’d quite fortunately ended up in the only enclosed car on the train. When it started moving, he grimaced and cried, but after a little bit of riding on my lap he started to really enjoy it.

Over an hour later – what a ride for until $10! – the boys were getting a little antsy, but well in love with the experience. We talked about trains and engines, rocks and trees and water (since there was a river nearby we spotted), and made it into a great language opportunity too. I can’t wait until Danny is actually repeating some of this stuff I’m feeding him, because I have been picking up lots of great ways to turn pretty much anything and everything into a language experience.

Poor kids.

Somehow, so far, neither of them seems to mind.

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