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Chickens, Cakes and Cold - K and G Sounds

Posted Nov 18 2010 12:00am

LIly has been working hard in speech therapy.  Here is a note we received last week from her SLP at OHS.

Just wanted to let you know how great LiIy is coming along with her "g" and "k" productions especially at the beginning of words.  She sometimes needs a reminder to put her tongue back but when she is focused on that sound she does real well.  In spontaneous production she still needs quite a few reminders, but can correct her production when I repeat her mispronunciation.  These sounds at the end or middle of words is still harder, which is expected.  She is still working hard to produce the "l".  She has been comparing this sound to the "n" sound which is placed in the same spot but with a little length difference. She can make the "n" sound several times before attempting the "l" to help her place the "l" tongue tip in the correct spot instead of flicking it...So she would say "n", "n", "n" (quietly) "lion."  Hopefully this will encourage her tongue to not flick so much. 


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