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Celebrating our 5th years...

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:13pm

WOW, it was 5 years ago today we were implanted and we became the Bionic man/woman. It was a moment that we never forget and everyone at the hospital and our family was very supportive throughout the procedure. The News Reporter of the local TV station was on hand to interview and the camera man there recording. Before Steve was wheeled into surgery and he was being interviewed, his hearing aids was squeaking. Having the surgery was like a piece of cake and we would do it again in a heartbeat.

Less than 24 hours after our surgery, we were walking to our CI Center from the hospital. There was a surgery nurse who smiled and was surprised to see us up and walking. When we got to the clinic, our audiologist was not expected to see us. She took us back to our CI surgeon. He was very happy to see us. When he removed Debbie’s turban and incision tape, Steve put his thumb up and said in silence that the incision looks great. When the surgeon removed Steve’s, Debbie put her thumb up and was very impressed with it. We couldn’t be any happier. Our surgeon informed us that our News segment from the surgery was going to air on the local nightly news on TV. It turned out very nice.

The next day we were in the hospital eating in the cafeteria, the employees mentioned they saw our segment on the TV the previous night. We were speechless and asked them how they knew about it. It turned out that one of the employee in Public Relations had informed all of the hospital staff and employees. Since then, they have stopped us and spoke to us each time we are there. Both the CI Center and the hospital are like a second family to us.

After our family left to head back home, it was a beautiful Sunday with the sun shining and the sky clear, we decided to get in the car and head out to the The Farmers Market. It was our first time out in public since our surgery. We weren’t sure if we should drive but we took it easy. We had a nice brunch at a very classic restaurant. We sat and watched the people walk by and also, watched the trolley and waved at people. We headed back to our room to relax and visit with other patients and family/friends at “Our Home Away from Home” suite where we were staying.

The hardest part was the waiting game. For the next 6 weeks waiting for the incision to heal before we were to head back to the CI Center for our activation. More story to follow later.

With many people going bilateral and hearing their experience, it is something to ponder about. We have so much to be thankful for this amazing technology that God has allowed the Deaf people to hear. We have no regret at all. It has forever changed our lives for the best and we have truly enjoyed sharing our CI journey together as a team.
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