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Carmen Meissner: A cochlear implant recipient who guest starred in Switched at Birth

Posted Aug 30 2011 11:02pm 2 Comments
Carmen Meissner, a high school student who is a cochlear implant recipient, guest starred a small role on the first episode of Switched at Birth as a student at the Carlton School for the Deaf.  She played a role in a scene where she told Daphne that she did a good job in playing basketball. [...]
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American Sign Language is very important for the development of language and speech in deaf and hard-of-hearing children.  Even if cochlear implants or hearing aids are being used, American Sign Language provides the deaf or hard-of-hearing child with the visual language foundation needed to thrive.

Audiologists, ENTs, educators, and other professionals which work with parents of deaf and hard-of-hearing children need to stop giving incorrect information about American Sign Language harming or delaying the development of speech and language.

Several studies, including this one have debunked this myth:

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