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Can't See, Can't Hear...Bedtime in your House??

Posted May 04 2009 3:49pm

Well...since I've had bed on the brain lately, I thought I'd address the argument. I left a post on the Italian forum discussing whether or not the fact that Jordan was born deaf could have caused the dreaded bedtime-I-refuse-to go to sleep-if I don't-twirl my mommy's hair issues, which led to five years of sharing the marital wrestling mat until finally we graduated from such a dilemma. But, the graduation process was fairly long and involved the procedure of:
1. Jordan lays down in his bed.
2. I lay down next to him.
3. Say prayers.
4. Finally...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Now, the process involves our cat Lola. (He can't stand Brie because she tends to pee in the bathroom during the night and Jordan never fails to step in it.)

He shoves Lola under the covers and I swear that cat does not move until he wakes up in the morning to prepare for school.

I was always of the opinion that bedtime meant not being able to see or hear, so that some form of tactile contact was reassuring.

Just curious to know if other parents have experienced the same issues.

*Happy Monday*
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