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Camping Trips - What Do You Do With Your Aids?

Posted Mar 09 2010 1:02pm
I just got back from a camping trip over the weekend. It was great, a lot of fun. I'll end this post with a few photos from the weekend.

When you are camping, what do you do with your hearing aids and/or cochlear implants and/or other hearing accessories? Ever since I was a kid I have been worried about something happening to my aids while camping. Water damage, dropping them in a wash, desert dirt/dust/sand, etc. However, I have too much of a loss to just leave them at home, and that would probably be more dangerous than taking them with me.

I simply made sure I had batteries this time and brought along a very useful little box I got with my hearing aids when I bought them. It's a heavy plastic sliding box and while it's likely not waterproof it is very secure and sturdy. I put that in the little satchel attached to the tent the first night. Much better than a baggie, which is what I used to do before. I didn't have to worry about them falling down because the box was more protection than a baggie. The second night we slept in a camper with much better areas for putting the aids, though I still put them in the box.

All right, time for photos
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