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Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
Gawd. This week seem so slow! You know how you want other weeks to hurry up, and some weeks to slow down? It always seem to occur the other way around. The weeks you want to hurry up, it's slowed down. The weeks you want slowed down, it's hurried. Make sense? No? TS.

I went to my surgeon yesterday to remove the packing material in my ear. It felt good to get it out. It was SO hard NOT to use my q-tips to dig it out! She used suction and I could hear it when she got close to my ear drum. Very weird feeling indeed.

I said, "Umm. I still have my residual hearing. Is it possible?" She said, "Oh wow! That's wonderful to hear!" I said to her, "You don't seem to be too surprised. Have you heard of this before? Did you use a different surgical procedure or something?"

"I'm the best!" She says. LOL!
Actually, she explained to me that because she spends the time to insert the electrode very very slowly and very carefully to make sure it doesn't damage the cochlea in any way. Hence why it takes so long to do the surgery, as well as shaving down the skull so my implant doesn't stick out. I had my hearing test done, and my pure tone test is exactly the same as pre-implantation. Yay! I'm not saying that the CI will NOT work for me, but suppose 10-20 years from now, my implant fail, and the implants at that time would be better if there was some functioning hair cells, and Rogaine realize there's a market among deaf people with hair loss in their ears (This is a joke...laugh okay?).

C'mooooooooooon Friday...hurry up! Good thing I have 2 classes today, so that'll keep me busy.
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