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bye bye summer

Posted Sep 24 2010 1:02pm

Ethan is happiest when running free on the beach. I wonder what it must feel like for him to run free with no sounds of the ocean turning? He knows what the ocean sounds like, as he does wear his ears while we set up our beach blankets, but then they come off and he runs. He will keep running for hours until it's time to come in, sit, settle and get ready to go.

Summer was so much fun this year. I planned nothing and did about everything. We have become experts, even Ethan, at charging his ears before going into an eventful evening. There was not much structure and very little we had to get done. I am planning the rest of my summer's this way.

Now school has started. I am coaching Ethan's soccer team and he is a player, not my kid when out on the field. He is fast and can get to the ball. I have to laugh and please don't be offended, but he does have trouble follow the plays of the game. Such as a direct kick. The ref. was trying to explain to him, and I did let the ref. know his condition and why Ethan wears a hooded coat under his uniform, but even then Ethan still has some trouble following. This will come as he learns more of the game. This is his first year playing. I love watching the other kids coach him on the field and helping him out.

Ethan is now in 3rd grade and watching the life of this deaf boy unfold is something I smile over every single day.
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