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Brotherly/Sisterly Love

Posted Nov 18 2008 12:19am

I never know what the day will bring with these two. One minute they're like this, the next they are DRAGGING the other one by the hand/leg/hair, who knows! Inspired by Jodi's post today, I decided to share one story that occurred this morning. When Gage woke up I told him that one of Brook's coil cords was frayed and I had to order a new one. He got that little demon twinkle in his eye and when she woke up he ran to inform her that "haha, you can only wear one processor today!" Luckily I have back ups and she did no such thing, she wore two just like always. He has always felt like HE should hear better, HE deserves the better MAPS, and is not at all shy to tell the audiologist this either. Soon after Brook got her first implant he informed the audiologist that she needed to be sure HE could hear the best!! Oh those young love/hate relations of the brothers and sisters. I do have to remind myself sometimes of how sweet and loving they CAN be sometimes...those "I Love You" signs they throw into the air each night to each other before bed helps me remember that there is LOVE in there somewhere!
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