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Broke the mold - I am a unicorn

Posted Sep 16 2009 4:10pm

My experience is so deep no one believes that I have not started my own firm or at least runs one. 

My hearing impairment has something to do with that.  I was     born different (25% deaf, turned worse as I age).  I  grew up in a hearing environment but I know now that it is rare for someone of my caliber to be so unable to participate in group settings.  Its taken me all 55 years of my life to learn this, as no one else has ever noticed this. 

I took a rare rare career path, got a different kind of degree, worked at a weird engineering career (HVAC),  got another kind of different degree (Computer Science), got dumped on by a techie/dotcom bust that killed a career change at 45, and so on.  

I am still very different,   and I have not even APPROACHED my potential.  

 So we learn and we move up. Thats my approach.  I learn about my capabilities and discover more and more about myself that is hidden.  Being deaf and hard of hearing in a hearing family and hearing world is hard.  I am learning that that it is not unusual for the deaf to experience this, and its not a character defect of mine.

Now I am  grateful to have lived long enough to make connections with others this way, and KNow I am not alone.  Thanks 

I continue to look for a new job as a superior engineer and growing individual.  At 55, I am just beginning my career.

I am a unicorn.

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