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Bring on the Noise!

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
So, today is my activation day!

I arrived slightly late because of the horrible traffic due to the torrential downpour. I arrived with my big box of toys from Cochlear. My mom came with me. It's nice to have her included in the process. She couldn't come with me for surgery, and Roy couldn't come for my activation, so it worked out well, and no jealously between the two of them.
I went in the room, and Lisa hooked me up to the computer. She warned me saying that it will sound like crap. I knew it would sound like crap because of what other people have said, and I was ready for it.
She turned the processor on. Yep. Sounds like crap! To me, it sounds like my hearing aids is broken to bits, and dying to make some sound. While some certain sounds, low frequency, sounds normal, but very quiet. Hard sounds, high pitches sounds sounded very harsh.
Lisa told me that I should not wear my hearing aids. Fine by me! All for to make the process easier.
After going over my tech toys, we said our good byes. I was itching to hear some sounds that I haven't heard before. I could hear the feet walking on the hard floor, I've heard that before. I could hear the elevator running, and doors open/close, I heard that before. Since it was pouring, the sound of the rain is very very soft. I knew over time when my program gets a bit louder, I will hear it better. No rush right now.
Got into my car. Ready to make a right turn. I flicked on my turn signal. WHOA! My *first* sound that I know I couldn't hear before! The click-click-click of the turn signal was music to my ears. I know it's annoying sound to some, but you know what, I couldn't hear it before. I was able to when I was really young.
I tried to put on my "Relaxation" playlist that has with all instrumental music on my iPod through my car stereo. It sounds sucky, which was to be expected. I ended up singing, "This Old Man", "I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly", and "Found a Peanut", to myself. Not bad!

I can see why people feel overwhelmed with sounds. Roy came home in a little while, and he was making an appetizer for me. I could hear some loud thumping noise. I said, "What's that?" Roy said, "What? I don't hear anything." Then I heard the noise again, and told Roy that it happened again. He was putting down the salad dressing bottle on the table. Man, that's loud! :-) I wonder what I will hear tomorrow! Here's pictures!

Here I am, hooked up to the computer!

Here's my CI! I have the Freedom processor, and you can't really see the processor as it's tucked in my hair at the moment, but when I have the full CI, it's huge. LOL! I changed the coil color to brown to match my hair. The processor is beige. I'm a bi-colored cyborg!

Here's the team! Lisa on the left, me in the middle, Marci, who's my interpreter, on the right. Marci was the one that convinced me to see Lisa for 2nd opinion. So, I give big thanks to Marci! I also give big thanks to Lisa for "turning my ears on".
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