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Bring me the Patchouli and Hemp Necklaces...I'm making my own baby food...

Posted Nov 18 2008 12:20am
I know some of you may not believe it, but I used to be a bit granola. Instead of my Tiffany & Company necklaces, I sported homemade hemp chokers. I rocked patchouli oil as a perfume, instead of my signature Chanel. I opted for Birkenstocks (with socks of course) in lieu of Via Spigas. And yes, there was a day where I was my natural hair color...

Being the hippie that I am at heart, I decided to start making my own baby food, mostly because I needed something else to obsess about. First of all, I'm turning into one of those paranoid Moms that is convinced that my kid is going to fall victim of the next food recall (HELLO VEGGIE BOOTY ). It's not that I'm anti-Gerber...the company my Dad has so proudly been employeed by for the past 29 years owns Gerber, so I have the hook-up. I just figured I make fresh food every night for Chuck and I, so why not for Christian? I wouldn't want to eat TV dinners every day (although I am sure Christian is going to love Totino's Pizza Rolls as much as I do), and I don't want Christian to either. So, I got out the Cuisinart Mini-Prep and went to town. So far, the monkey likes everything that I have made. Let's just see how long this phase lasts...
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