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Boxers or Briefs: Michele Speaks Out

Posted May 14 2009 1:14pm

I should have known he would have read the blogpost- "Slick" doesn't miss a trick. The guy I was talking about in the post "You Need to Speak TO ME" caught me in the act of anonymous sharing *smile* And this is his response: (Note: his English is far better than anyone I've ever met in this country!)

...Hello everybody! I'm Michele, the guy Jodi talked about in her post. First of all I want to thank her for the sweet words she wrote, they moved me to tears :) Then, the topic: all of you are right, sometimes we deaf people should stand on and *shout* to other people around us to communicate with us, however I should say that morning I was really phisically and emotionally tired of all those medical stuff and of going up and down from the city where I live (Florence) to the clinical centre where I'll get CI surgery (Pisa), a roundtrip of 200km every time... and obviously I'm the driver (ah, my beloved Alfa...) :D

At the meeting I was quite distracted trying to find the right medical papers that the surgeon asked for, I didn't notice that he was speaking, then I didn't care about it too much.

But when mom and I some months ago met him for the very first time, he started to talk directly to mom and immediately we both said to him: "Talk to me please, it's me that is going under surgery..." from my side, "Talk to him, please, he's perfectly able to communicate via lipreading and to speak properly" from her side. That time this behaviour *really* bothered me, then I thought that this doctor has so little time and he often meets people that don't have my communication skills, so maybe he was looking for a "handhold". However, in this last meeting I was more worried to comfort mom about the CI surgery by letting her talking with him, and obviously with Jodi, too, she really did a *great* work (hey Jodi, mom already loves you!)

And I want to say to the anon user that mom is very proud of me, because of how I, being deaf,am facing everyday life difficulties since I was a child, of how I succeeded in my goals despite it and of how I'm facing this whole new challenge that I'm approaching to brave, whether I'll do it or not. And she demonstrates it to me every time she has the chance to do it. *smile*

*Yes, I cried*
(Tell your mom that typing with a french with polka dots is really no problem)
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