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Bilateral Implant! Was a Success!!

Posted Jul 08 2009 9:50pm

This morning we woke up @6am for Gavin's surgery. The Hospital is around 35 mins away. So we had to leave the house by 6:30 to make it on time for 7am. The Hospital staff wanted us there a hour and a half early. We got to the Hospital and went to the Pre surgery floor. Surgery was schedule for 8:30am. We went straight back into a room. Gavin had fun looking at the window at the Helicopters flying in and playing with all the toys in the room. Around 8am the Anesthesiologist came in and Gavin the pink stuff. That made Gavin relax and pretty loopy. His head was bobbing up and down and all a round. Dustin found this to be pretty funny. So did Gavin he would laugh about it as well. At 8:30am the Dr and nurses came in and took Gavin to surgery. Dustin and I headed down for some breakfast. Cause we didn't eat before we left home for two reasons 6:30 am is to early for us to leave the house, so we try to sleep all we can and second reason Gavin can't eat and I didn't want to eat in front of him. Dustin had a breakfast burrito and I had sausage and biscuits from the hospital kitchen. It was yummy. We headed back and waited. I got a call from the nurse about 9:20am saying that they just started and Gavin went to sleep ok and is fine. Then at 10:20am she gave me another call to let me know they were about a 40 mins away from finishing up and that Gavin is doing fine. Then next call I get was from the Dr at 11am saying Gavin did great and all is well. He also said it will be a half hour til we can see him. Around 11:30 they came to get us and bring us to Gavin. I looked at him and he looked good. No facial nerve problem. Gavin hated having the IV in , the cuff on his arm, the oxygen thing on his finger. He was so cranky though. He drank some apple juice and threw it up and he had lots of bleeding before we left for home. We stay in another room for a hour and then Gavin was feeling better he was up and walking around and the bleeding slowed down. So we went home! Gavin currently is sleeping on the couch and has been delightful since we have gotten home.
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