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Bilateral Buddies

Posted Jul 06 2009 6:18pm

I took the two bilateral buddies to the park today. We went over with Brook that school has a plastic slide and we don't want her using those. The park had both metal and plastic so she made a good choice and went for the metal one (even though it was wet). I can't believe she's about to start school and going to be on her own for the whole day learning new things, making more friends, coming home with homework! The school just has a plastic slide but lots of other things for her to choose from so I'm hoping she makes the right choice and don't pursue the plastic. She said "Well I can just take my processors off" but I cringed at the thought of 14,000 bucks lying around somewhere getting stepped on or even lost. I told her the teacher knows she's not supposed to go down the plastic one and I need her to keep those processors on during P.E. That's her social time and I sure don't want her to miss out on that. She can run, play on the metal equipment, race around the track, play ball, whatever the other options are (if there were no other options I'd make them get a metal slide but there's lots of activities!).

I just looked at the calendar and realize it's only two weeks til Gage gets his pit/skin tag removed from his face. And who will do it? None other than his ci surgeon... click here to read the last entry on him at Bama Ears.
I'm sure he'll be happy with the results, it might go in deep but shouldn't be a huge scar or anything. He'll be healed up just in time for school which starts in one month on Aug. 10!! I hope I get to start substituting soon or I'll go nuts here by myself. Plus I'm nosey and want to have an excuse to peek in on my babies! I sure hope Gage has better luck this year than he did last (health wise) and I know he'll hear easier being bilateral now.

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