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Best Friends and Brothers

Posted Oct 15 2009 10:04pm

“Hi Danny! You’re my best friend!”

Eric dropped this nugget of toddler gold the other morning while playing at the mall play place. Eric was doing through a tunnel in one direction and Danny had just dropped at the far end, starting to crawl through the opposite way. Eric gave a gasp of delight seeing “his” Danny, proclaimed him his best friend, and ran off on his own to keep playing.

It’s moments like that that melt a mother’s heart.

The two boys are increasingly inseparable. Eric is very possessive, and very quick to warn people that try to touch Danny that “that’s MY Danny!” If we stop Danny from doing something he shouldn’t and he cries, Eric looks at us with wide eyes. “Why you making my Danny cry?” (Yeah, that’s a fun conversation.) He will hold Danny’s hand and try to get him to walk beside him, not that Danny puts up with that – he wants to walk independently still.

At night, when I put Danny into his crib, Eric is right there climbing up on the end. Danny will wander that way, and Eric will give him a kiss on the cheek. “Goodnight, Danny. I love you.”

Danny, obviously, it making no similar gestures, but you can still tell it’s there. He loves to chase after Eric, and seems to gravitate around him at times. Eric was sitting on the futon last night and Danny walked over, climbed up, and just sat beside him with a smile on his face.

I’ve had a few people look at me as though I’m crazy when I tell them how close in age my boys are. Seeing how close they are, what good friends they are… I can’t imagine it any other way.

If only I could capture any of these moments in pictures! For two kids that love to be together so much, it shouldn’t be so hard to get a picture of them together…

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