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Bell's Palsy

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:21pm 1 Comment
well, it has a name, Bell's Palsy is what i suffer from since my surgery, all the previous information i gave is still correct, but it now has a name. For those of you too lazy to research what you don't know i will enclose some pics of me and my condition. It is temparary, so i am not at all freaked by it. I am going to tell you i never want to experiance it again. I am going to have a long talk with my surgeon about this, if my risk of haveing it again is pretty good, then i will most likely not have my second CI done. I will stay with the one and use a HA until it no longer works. Well on to the pics Hope you enjoy them.

In The first pic is of me trying to smile, as you can see only half of my face works for this, my five year old thinks its hillarious; Which is good cause i don't want them to be scared of me cause of it. The second pic is of me trying to open my mouth all the way, my jaw is fully xtended on both sides but the lips are not moving with it. This makes it really hard to eat. The third pic is of me trying to close both eyes really tight, obviously i failed at it, i can close my eye just i have to do it lightly like when trying to sleep. and the final pic is of me letting you see my scar again, after 2 weeks it looks a little better, huh. well thats it for now, and just remember the next time you want to make fun of some one for looking funny due to a disease, it could be you that looks that way.
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hi. my name is arley and this is my second time with bells palsy. this second time came a week before my MA graduation and two months before my wedding. needless to say how i feel about it.  i feel your pain, my friend, and i hope you're doing well.
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